Depaul International students organization

About DISO

The DePaul International Students Organization (DISO) is a new organization and serves as an umbrella organization to connect the different cultural organizations and international students at DePaul University. Through our cultural, social, and professional events, we hope to build relationships between international and American students.

Our Mission

DePaul has thousands of International Students bringing in a rich mix of cultures from all over the world. A fine group of students a few years ago, found that there had to be a way to facilitate sharing these cultures and experiences. This led to the birth of DISO.
Our mission at DISO is to provide all the students at DePaul with an enriched multi-cultural experience, and also, to expose International Students to the Best that America has to offer. We do this by organizing events, trips and meet-ups, as well as by supporting the efforts of other student-organizations that are a part of DePaul.



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