Frequently Asked Questions

How many times does DWaC perform each quarter?
Each quarter we have at least two performances—one at the Brownstones lounge, and the other at various locations on campus.  In addition to these two shows, we sing at sporting events, fundraisers, conferences, etc. 

How many girls are in the group?
We currently have 15 members in DWaC. This number changes every year, and sometimes changes from quarter to quarter.

Does DWaC charge for performances?
DWaC has begun charging for performances outside of DePaul, and for some other small performances; however, our two quarterly concerts are free!

How can I book DWac for an event?
Send us a message from the Contact Us Tab, and we will get back to you shortly!

What kind of music does DWaC sing?
We are truly passionate about many different genres of music.  Because of the diversity within our group, and the collaborative effort to choose songs for our repertoire, we sing a wide variety of music.  Ranging from Beyonce to Billy Joel, we try to choose songs that will attract all audiences.

Are DWaC members part of the music school at DePaul?
Although we have music students in and out of DWaC, our group is primarily non-music school students.  Auditions are open to anyone at DePaul!

How can I know when DWaC performs?
Our calendar will be regularly updated in order to keep our fans updated with current news and performance logistics.  Also, follow us on Facebook to receive personal invitations to our public performances.