Multicultural Greek Council - DePaul University


The Multicultural Greek Council is the programming and governing body that strives to unite and serve the cultural Greek letter organizations of DePaul University. The mission of the MGC is to promote awareness of the multicultural Greek letter organizations as well as provide opportunities for membership intake and membership recruitment. MGC takes pride in their diverse membership and focuses on helping Fraternity and Sorority leaders grow and serve the community.

Our Mission

The purpose of the DePaul University Multicultural Greek Council (MGC) shall be to serve as a governing body, create and maintain high standards in the life of culturally-based Fraternities and Sororities by addressing, coordinating and developing strategic programming, to unify organizations involved in MGC, promote higher education, provide community services, enhance leadership and serve as a liaison between the MGC, other Greek Councils, the university student body and administration, thereby improving campus life.