Multicultural Greek Council - DePaul University

Goals and Objectives

  • To act as a governing body for member organizations as outlined by the constitution of the MGC.

  • To promote an appreciation of the diversity of cultural and ethnic backgrounds that exists in the DePaul University community.

  • To expand educational and leadership opportunities for all students belonging to its member organizations.

  • To develop active strategies on matters of mutual concern to the member organizations of the MGC.

  • To promote unification and support of the Greek community.

  • To sponsor at least one major program per academic year.

  • To participate in at least one community service or philanthropic event per term.

  • To work cooperatively with all Greek Letter organizations, all other recognized student organizations and all Greek governing bodies on campus.

  • To promote and follow the Vincentian mission as well as rules set forth by DePaul University.

The Multicultural Greek Council was founded in 2001 by the following organizations:
Alpha Psi Lambda (AΨΛ)
Gamma Phi Omega (ΓΦΩ)
Sigma Lambda Beta (ΣΛΒ)
Sigma Lambda Gamma (ΣΛΓ)
Tau Phi Sigma (ΤΦΣ)