Mission Statement

Onyx Magazine is a minority publication on DePaul's campus; the purpose of this magazine is to give minority students on campus a forum to voice their opinions as well as honor Black America's success. We strive to educate our readers on past events that have led to present circumstances. We want to display various views in a respectful yet honest manner.

About Us- “The evolution is here.”

In Chicago’s Black Community the blistering wind of the winter months has been referred to as “The Hawk” or “Hawkins” for years. This mystical creature had the strength to take the strongest man’s breathe away, and could, without question, carry a small child away in one fell swoop. “The Hawk’s” power was so vast that news of its domineering hand spread through regions far and wide. However, like all great winds “Hawkins” breeze eventually subsides.

The Hawk Magazine has served the Black Community well at DePaul University. It has provided us with our own unique and concrete voice on campus. This magazine has given us the platform to showcase our talents, and display our concerns. It has carried us to heights only imagined, and has now led us to another mythical creation – the onyx stone.

In Ancient Greece the onyx stone was one of the most preferred jewels because of its superior and flawless texture. Likewise, in the metaphysical sense it is believed to provide its wearer with stamina, strength, courage, and self-control. It is also said to have the ability to protect its wearer from negativity and provide them with clarity of mind in confusing and difficult times.

Therefore, as we step into the future the new Onyx Magazine takes with it the understanding of providing the Black community at DePaul an everlasting, powerful, and courageous voice. It will forever strive to provide this community with a grounding and protective platform to discuss the issues we are currently facing. This magazine will serve as a place of centering for our community, and hopefully enable us all to better understand our past and present so we can take even greater strides in the future.